A New Innovation in Infrared Heating

The Thermaglo infrared patio heater sets a new standard for outdoor heating. It does away with traditional utilitarian aesthetics to provide a fluid, elegant design that will complement both domestic and commercial environments. Using a state-of-the-art carbon filament lamp, these heaters provide a gentler heat and a more discreet means of warming exterior spaces.

Adaptable Heating, Effortless Control

Thermaglo infrared heaters come with integrated controls for enhanced usability. Its adjustable heat output and in-built timer function allow users to enjoy a greater selection of choice without having to purchase additional controllers. Take control over energy usage and streamline running costs with ease.

Remote Control Supplied

The Thermaglo comes with an easy-to-use remote control for complete convenience. All Thermaglo heaters use the same IR frequency, so just one remote can be used to adjust multiple heaters.

Four Heat Output Levels

Choose from four heat levels: 800w, 1200w, 1600w and 2000w. Select the most comfortable setting and reduce energy usage.

Timer Function

This feature allows the Thermaglo to run for a set period between 1 – 9 hours. Once the timer runs out, the heater automatically switches off.

LED Display

Easily view the Thermaglo’s settings with its integrated LED display window on the right-hand side of the heater.

Cutting-Edge Carbon Technology

Carbon filament quartz lamps are the future of infrared outdoor heating. They use mediumwave infrared to provide all of the strong, reliable heat of a tungsten filament heater but with reduced light emission for a more comfortable and discreet solution.

This ultra-low glare heater reaches temperature in seconds and its carbon filament bulb boasts an impressive potential lifespan of 10,000 hours.

Comfortable and Effective Radiant Heat

Infrared is the ideal solution for outdoor spaces because of the efficient way it transfers heat from the appliance to the user. Radiation travels through the air until it makes contact with a person, object or surface, providing a truly direct means of comfort heating. No energy is wasted heating the air so no heat is lost through air movement – this is the primary advantage of using infrared.

Almost all of the electricity used to power infrared heaters is converted into useable heat, which is another reason that infrared products are exceptionally efficient. The mediumwave infrared heat emitted by the Thermaglo is robust enough to warm users even in draughty, open-plan spaces and provides a more unobtrusive option with its reduced glare.

You can programme your heater hour-by-hour, day-by-day with three programmable temperature settings: comfort, economy and frost protection.

You can choose to operate the heater in manual, temporary manual or automatic mode and can programme your heater from the infrared remote control or the lockable LCD keypad mounted on the front panel.

Affordable Heating with Advanced Features

The Thermaglo comes with a host of additional features and installation options to make it one of the most versatile outdoor heaters available. Use it free standing as a portable heating solution or wall mount it for a dedicated and reliable heat source.

Safety Features

A safety tilt switch within the Thermaglo cuts power to the heater in the event it leans over a 45° angle.

Optional Free Standing Fitting

We offer a compatible tripod to make the Thermaglo act as a portable unit – an excellent option for occasional heating indoors and outdoors.

Robust Water-Resistant Design

Thermaglo infrared patio heaters have an IP55 rating, making them almost dust-tight and resistant to low pressure water jets. An ideal choice for a permanent outdoor heating solution.

2 Year Warranty

The Thermaglo comes with a 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty for extra peace of mind.

  • 2000 Watts
  • Heats up to 16m2
  • w900 x h130 x d89.5mm
  • 2.9kg
  • IP55
  • Carbon Element
  • Wall Mounting Brackets Included
  • Tripod Compatible
  • Black Finish
  • 2 Year Warranty