Our newly updated website means we now have an improved layout to fully showcase our excellent range of products, and along with our fresh new look, we’re also presented with an opportunity to re-introduce ourselves within the market. At Ecostrad, we like to foster close ties with our partners and customers, so if you’re unfamiliar with our brand, this article is a great way to get to know our company and our goals.

Who are Ecostrad?

We manufacture electric heating solutions for domestic and commercial applications, offering a product range that encapsulates our core values: affordability and quality. Over the past year, our Ecostrad brand has grown from strength to strength and we’ve greatly diversified our selection by expanding into new branches of electric heating. Where we initially began with our signature panel heaters, our portfolio now includes outdoor infrared heaters as well as designer, fluid-filled electric element radiators. Incorporating an expanded selection of electric heaters into our Ecostrad brand has allowed us to offer products for every home and every budget, so the perfect solution is always at hand.

Our Exciting New Range

Designer radiators have seen a surge in popularity as homeowners increasingly look away from utilitarian options that simply ‘do the job’. Recent developments within the industry have proven that radiators – electric or otherwise – can be more than just functional, which is why there’s more choice than ever when it comes to the aesthetics of home heating. This trend toward designer heaters combined with the increased adoption of electric heating is why we’ve produced the VeeSmart: an electric radiator with revolutionary Bluetooth control. Keeping our fingers on the pulse of innovation, this cutting-edge technology allows VeeSmart radiators to be individually programmed via a smartphone or tablet. Rather than manually programming each radiator separately, the VeeSmart’s app control allows users to create a bespoke heating schedule for each heater from a single point of use.

Not content with restricting ourselves to interior heating, we have also made a push toward outdoor infrared heating with our Sunglo and Thermaglo products. These effective outdoor heaters allow users to enjoy their home exteriors more often throughout the year and their integrated controls mean that no additional accessories are required to make best use of their effective warmth. Our Thermaglo in particular represents the very latest in infrared technology with its unique carbon fibre element, designed to produce a gentler mediumwave heat that still provides all of the effective warmth of a standard quartz heater.

What’s Next for Ecostrad?

These exciting new additions to the Ecostrad family mean that we can supply customers with products for every budget and every environment – indoor or outdoor, designer or low-cost. We only use the very best materials and suppliers so you can be sure that when you purchase an Ecostrad, you’re purchasing a product that represents the finest the industry has to offer.
Innovation and intelligent design help to improve the efficiency and usability of products, and these qualities are at the very core of our business. As we look toward the future, we hope to develop our range even further and drive the growth of our company forward by providing unparalleled customer service and a comprehensive product selection.

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