Stylish, Next Generation Convection Heating

The ethos behind the Eco’s design is simple: advanced control at an affordable price.
Unlike other panel heating solutions, the Eco offers the same range of heat management options as an electric radiator.
Not only does this improve efficiency, it also enhances overall usability and convenience.

Redefining Panel Heating

The scope of the Eco reaches far beyond the functional, with all aspects of its design being carefully considered to provide optimal heating and ease-of-use. From its slimline, contemporary housing to its lightweight elements, the Eco is a convection heating solution without equal.

24/7 Programming

Select comfort, economy or anti-frost temperature settings for every hour of the day, seven days a week to minimise energy usage.

Superior Accessibility

Program your heater using the Eco’s remote control or use the integrated keypad on the front panel.

Precision Thermostat

The Eco’s digital thermostat maintains room temperatures with greater accuracy and prevents energy wastage from overheating the surrounding area.

Responsive and Adaptable

Though convection panel heaters aren’t designed for whole home heating, their simple yet effective elements quickly warm the surrounding air, allowing users to achieve rapid comfort temperatures at short notice. They’re ideal as supplementary heaters to complement a primary system or as an occasional on-demand heat source.

Whether you want your room space a few degrees warmer or cooler, the Eco can adapt instantly, providing responsive and reliable heating at all times.

Intuitive Heat Management

Digital control functions can be instrumental in restricting and minimising energy waste within the home. The Eco’s integrated programmer allows the creation of a bespoke heating schedule on an hour-by-hour, day-by-day basis to complete a full weekly routine tailored around the user’s lifestyle. Select customisable comfort and economy settings for every hour, or set the Eco to anti-frost when only a background level of warmth is required.

Usability is one of the key features of the Eco and every unit is supplied with its own remote control for an improved user experience. The remote provides all of the same control functions as the keypad on the heater front but allows users to interact with the Eco from a distance with just a few simple button presses.

Futureproofed for New Lot 20 Legislation

The Eco electric panel heater is fully compliant with new EU directives coming into force from January 2018. This new legislation aims to reduce energy wastage by ensuring that only the most efficient heaters are available for purchase. Though the new Lot 20 Ecodesign regulations are not yet in force, the Eco already satisfies these requirements, allowing users to purchase with absolute confidence.

Eco Panel Programming Guide

A Wealth of Additional Features

Though small, the finishing touches to the Eco are what elevate it to best in class. Versatile installation possibilities and integrated safety features make this convection panel heater second to none.

2 Year Warranty

The Eco comes with a 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty for extra peace of mind.

Feet & Wall Mounting Brackets Included

Use the Eco free standing or make it a more permanent home addition: the mounting brackets and free standing feet supplied with each unit allow it to be installed almost anywhere.

Simple Plug in & Go Installation

DIY installation allows users to set up their Eco in moments with no additional expense. Supplied with a 1.6m cable, using the Eco is as simple as plugging it into the nearest 13A socket.

Safety Features

Safe operation of the Eco is ensured with its in-built thermal safety limiter and lockable keypad to prevent tampering.

Eco 6
  • 600 watts
  • Heats up to 6m
  • w415.5 x h575.5 x d55.5mm
  • 5.4kg
  • IP20
  • Feet Included
  • Wall Mounted Brackets Included
  • Remote Included
  • 2 Year Warranty
Eco 9
  • 900 watts
  • Heats up to 9m
  • w555.5 x h575.5 x d55.5mm
  • 6.6kg
  • IP20
  • Feet Included
  • Wall Mounted Brackets Included
  • Remote Included
  • 2 Year Warranty
Eco 12
  • 1200 watts
  • Heats up to 12m
  • w695.5 x h575.5 x d55.5mm
  • 8.0kg
  • IP20
  • Feet Included
  • Wall Mounted Brackets Included
  • Remote Included
  • 2 Year Warranty
Eco 15
  • 1500 watts
  • Heats up to 15m
  • w835.5 x h575.5 x d55.5mm
  • 9.2kg
  • IP20
  • Feet Included
  • Wall Mounted Brackets Included
  • Remote Included
  • 2 Year Warranty