Welcome to the home of Ecostrad: a leading light within the electric heating industry. Based in the United Kingdom, we produce a range of solutions for commercial and home use, all of which provide exceptional control and unparalleled efficiency. Our heaters strive to push the boundaries of innovation and ultimately solve heating problems in the most cost-effective way possible.

Eco Panel Heater

On-demand heating doesn’t mean settling for basic controls. The Eco panel heater provides the same in-depth heat management as an electric radiator but without sacrificing any of the convenience provided by its rapid convection warmth. Use the integrated digital programmer to heat rooms at set times or simply use the Eco as and when required.


Each VeeSmart radiator uses an efficient thermal fluid and an intelligent electric heating element to heat spaces independently. Rather than being part of a larger integrated system, VeeSmart radiators provide a zoned system for superior control and energy efficiency. Bluetooth programming capabilities and a sophisticated contemporary aesthetic make our VeeSmart the obvious choice for the modern household.


This infrared heater captures the feel of a warm summer’s evening with its invigorating warmth and comforting rosy glow. By using near infrared, the Sunglo creates instant heat the moment it begins to draw power and will keep users comfortably warm even in cooler weather. Its two-stage power output, stylish design and remote control make it an ideal outdoor heating system for any environment, domestic or commercial.


The Ecostrad Thermaglo is the very latest breakthrough in infrared technology. This infrared patio heater uses a state-of-the-art carbon filament to create a form of infrared that’s excellent for outdoor use, yet gentle enough to provide comfortable heating for longer periods. Its greatly reduced glow and enhanced control options mean the Thermaglo is one of the finest outdoor heating solutions available.

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